Hi, My Name is Peter

I’m a Web Developer & Specialist

I am passionate about web development, specializing in the creation of WordPress themes and plugins. I take pride in integrating updates into existing websites, enhancing digital experiences for both businesses and individuals. Beyond the digital realm, I find joy in travel, hiking, running, and capturing moments through photography. Nature and the outdoors serve as both a source of inspiration and a balance to my work life in this ever-evolving field of web development.


WordPress Development / PHP

Web Development

I bring a wealth of experience in web development, I specialize in PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, and SQL. My proficiency also extends to PowerShell and scripting, contributing versatility to my skill set. I thrive in challenging environments, finding deep satisfaction in problem-solving. My passion lies in crafting innovative solutions that guarantee seamless and dynamic web experiences.


I possess expertise in WordPress version 5+ development, with a particular focus on custom Gutenberg blocks and themes. My proficiency extends to creating solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of WordPress websites. I am dedicated to staying updated on latest trends and technologies, ensuring that my work aligns with the evolving landscape of WordPress development.


I am passionate about pioneering innovative and impactful solutions in front-end development, with a focus on React.js. Proficient in crafting front-end components and applications, my skills enable me to create dynamic and responsive user interfaces, ensuring a captivating and seamless user experience.


Web Developer & Web Ops Specialist

Shark Ninja

August 2020 - May 2023

March 2020 - September 2020

WordPress Projects


WordPress Developer

Arpin Group

September 2016 - March 2020


BS in Web Management & Internet Commerce

Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI (Class of 2014)

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Web Management & Internet Commerce in 2014, equipping me with a comprehensive understanding of web technologies, e-commerce strategies, and digital marketing principles. This foundation has enabled me to successfully navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world, delivering innovative and impactful solutions.

AS in Web Development

Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI (2012)

I pursued an Associate of Science in Web Development from Johnson & Wales University, immersing myself in web development. This program provided me with a solid foundation in both front-end and back-end technologies, enabling me to create dynamic and user-friendly websites that meet the demands of today's online environment.

AS in Computer Technology

Community College of Rhode Island, Warwick, Rhode Island (Class of 2004)

I pursued further education at Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) to pursue a comprehensive education in computer technology and networking, including completing Cisco-certified courses. This focused academic journey provided me with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of computer systems, network infrastructure, and the latest communication protocols.

Recent Works

  • AquaMed Pool

    CSS, PHP, SASS, Timber, Twig, WordPress View Project
  • Arpin Strong

    CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, WordPress View Project
  • Arpin Group

    CSS, Custom Post Type, HTML5, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, WordPress View Project
  • Kaeordic

    CSS, HTML5, PHP, WooCommerce, WordPress View Project
  • Sentinel Safe Floors

    CSS, Google Analytics, PHP, WordPress View Project
  • Happy Place MV

    CSS, HTML5, PHP, WooCommerce, WordPress View Project

Clients’ Testimonials

These are some testimonials I received from clients of my website business, Shimmer Technologies.

From concept through development, he listened to the message that I wanted to tell and converted that perfectly onto my page. I've gotten many, many compliments on my website from customers as well as others in web design/development industry.

Bob G.

Business Owner

I've been in business for over 13 years and wanted to bring my business to the next level. Within a month my ranking has been increasing and i'm starting to receive phone calls from web searchers. Great company to work with. Goes above and beyond.

Keri A.

Graphic designer


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